Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A New Beginning! Colorado Buff Watch has become Golden Buffs!

The OLD beginning:
Back in the days before most of the current CU students were even born, way back in the 1980s, the author moved to Boulder. He changed schools from the University of California at Santa Barbara to the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Shortly before the author arrived, the university hired a new head coach by the name of Bill McCartney. Mac had a rough start in Boulder. The Buffs were down big time. His teams had an overall record of 7-25-1 in his first three years.

Then, Mighty Mac's luck changed when the author enrolled in classes in the Spring of 1985. When I arrived on campus, it seemed that not many of the students in my classes were football fans.

Maybe I was just excited to be at a school that played football at all. UCSB was one of the few schools in the country that did not play football at any level. We did have a volleyball team that was #1 in the county and we led the nation in volleyball attendance. And our basketball team hosted a game against the University of Houston's Phi Slamma Jamma, featuring Hakeem Olajuwan and Clyde Drexler.

UCSB is an awesome school, located directly on the beach a bit north of Santa Barbara. Still, no football. That was hard. I had grown up running around Sun Devil Stadium at Arizona State University. I was a hard core fan by the time I was in kindergarten.

Fortunately, I met a young woman at UCSB who was from Boulder. After several years we decided to get married and move to Colorado. And finally, I got to attend a college with football.

Like I wrote before, the Buffs were down way before Bill McCartney got here and his first three years were rough. But 1985 was the turning point. I started classes and the Buffs got good, and then they got great.

The Buffs went 7-5 in 1985, and did not have another losing season under McCartney. By 1989, the Buffaloes were one of the best teams in the country. They went 11-0 to start the season and ranked #1 before losing in the Orange Bowl to #4 Notre Dame. I was there.

From 1989 to 1994, Mac's last season, the Buffs won 58 games, lost only 11 and tied 4 times. They also won a national championship for the 1990 season. In Mac's last game, the Buffs trounced Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. I was there for that one too.

The Not-so-old beginning:
 In October of 2013, I started a blog called "Colorado Buff Watch" to follow my Buffs. I wrote 168 articles in that time, pretty impressive since I was living overseas for much of three seasons (The Netherlands and China). That entailed using Skype to watch the games. Not much in the way of American college football on TV in those places.

The New Beginning:
The 2018 season is about to begin with the Rocky Mountain Showdown against Colorado State. I believe it is time for a new home to the ramblings of a football fan who was there in the stands for the greatest days of Colorado football.  Let's hope everything old can be new again.

 Note: The format and page design is still being worked on but it's gotta be in my less than generous amount of spare time. Things will change and the site will get better looking and more user friendly in the near future.

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