Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Colorado Buffaloes Keep Annoying the Pundits, Move to 5-0 after 28-21 Win Over Arizona State

To the surprise and annoyance of pundits all across the country, Mike MacIntyre's Colorado Golden Buffaloes won AGAIN and moved to 5-0 on the season with a 28-21 win over the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Of course, the pundits hate being proven wrong. You'd think they'd be more accustomed to it since they are wrong so often. You know how they are, the predicted with all certainty that Colorado would win 4 games this season. Five games in, Colorado is 5-0 and is one of only 11 FBS teams in the country who are still undefeated. 

Although most of the pundits have either never played the game (or taken a few too many hits to the head if they did), their certainty in their predictions and their amazement when they are wrong always brings a chuckle. These guys are NOT Nate Silver.

One of these chuckleheads (Tom Fornelli at CBS) not only picked Arizona State in an upset (which was reasonable), but went on to call it his "Lock" of the week (which was idiotic). Makes you wonder if this guy bets on his picks?

Colorado was picked to be on national television earlier this season as the presumed roasted buffalo for the debut of Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Scott Frost. Didn't work out for the Huskers or the pundits. Colorado wins 33-28.

When Colorado played the UCLA Bruins, it was supposed to be the first win in the return of Chip Kelly to college football. It didn't work out that way as Colorado rolled 38-16.

Surely Arizona State, recently ranked and defeater of Michigan State, would bring the college football world back into focus and send Colorado a message that they are not considered a "have" in college football anymore. Didn't work again, as Colorado held ASU scoreless for the last 29 minutes of the game.

Now, the pundits are breathing hard with excitement. Surely the Colorado Buffaloes will get their comeuppance, right? 

They play USC, and the Trojans are 12-0 against Colorado. USC must surely win, right? It's what the pundits are hoping and praying for. Why? Because the pundits live in the past.

USC won the Pac-12 last year and Colorado had a bad year. Therefore, USC must win this matchup, right? Let's see.

Colorado this year is 5-0. USC is 3-2. USC has lost soundly to both Stanford and Texas. They scraped out wins against Washington State and Arizona. They won big against UNLV. Apparently the Runnin' Rebels play football in addition to basketball.

The problem for the pundits with this Colorado team is that they play the games one week at a time. The biggest game of the year is the one they are playing this week. It's the same every week. It's one of the reasons the Buffs are 5-0. 

History will have no bearing on this game. This isn't a computer matchup of teams from years gone by. This game is this year, with these teams. It will be decided on the field.

Can USC beat Colorado? Sure they can. Nobody outside Alabama has more 4 and 5 star talent than the Trojans. But that doesn't mean the Trojans WILL win. It means they CAN win.

UCLA has roughly five times the 4 and 5 star talent that Colorado does. How did that work out? Oh, yeah, CU rolled 38-16. For those who want to say that the Bruins are horrible, how is it they only lost to #7 Washington by seven points?

There is a reason they play the games. It's because pundits don't know the future and sometimes they barely know the past. It's what they THINK they know that messes them up.

Bring on the Trojans. No matter how the game ends up, we can all be sure that this is the game that Colorado is focused upon.


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