Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ghost of Brian Lindgren Returns to Call Plays for Colorado; USC Rolls for 13th Straight Over Colorado

Please note that this was written at halftime. It reflects how certain the end would be.

Much has been made this year about the amazingly efficient passing of Steven Montez and the great play calling of Offensive Coordinator Darrin Chiaverini. All that acclaim must now be taken with a grain of salt, because a mediocre (for them, anyway) USC team exposed Colorado as not really being worthy of being in the Top 25. 

The Trojans themselves are not worthy of being in the Top 25, but Colorado is a lot farther away than USC. The Buffaloes came in undefeated, but the Trojans came in with an eye toward winning the game. The coaches at Colorado never gave their players a chance.

The DEFENSE started strong by intercepting two passes, but the Colorado offense did nothing with the opportunities. Chiaverini seemed to be channeling his old co-offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren. He called plays over and over that seemed completely telegraphed and seemed to think that the only receiver that should be thrown to was Laviska Shenault. It strongly reminded everyone why Colorado has had only one winning season since Mike MacIntyre came to town.

How frustrating to fans and players alike it was to watch Shenault triple teamed (or more) and still have Montez and Chiaverini insist on throwing to him over and over and over. Come on guys, if four DB's are on one guy then SOMEONE else must be wide open. They also relegated their star receiver to having the snot knocked out of him.

Now, remember than Shenault is an amazing talent. We understand that. His 51 yard run for a TD from the Wildcat was a thing of beauty. We know how good he is. But he cannot beat USC by himself. The offense needs to use more people. 

Most importantly, the coaches need to try to SCORE. After USC took a 14-7 lead, Colorado called plays that looked like they were trying to run out the clock before halftime even though there were timeouts available and plenty of time. How much time? Enough for Colorado to go three and out, punt, give up yet another touchdown and then seemingly try to run out the clock again. Although they were moving down the field in the last minute, Colorado seemed uninterested in using their timeouts.

In the second half, the defense seemed to stop caring. What good was it to play the Trojans tough defensively (95% of the time) if the offense continue to do absolutely nothing. At one point, Montez had completed 8 of 10 passes for a grand total of 18 yards. It must be pretty easy to complete 80% of passes if they only average 2 yards a pop.

It was easy to feel sorry for the players, because the coaches looked completely intimidated by playing USC in Los Angeles. The Buffs had no chance in this game from the get go. After the first turnover, the Colorado coaches seemed totally unprepared to call plays.

The coaches gave up on this game before it started.

It was a sad effort from the guys making so much money. The players deserve better from the coaches.

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