Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nebraska Falls to 0-6; Frost and NU Need to Examine Their Values

Scott Frost has a long road ahead. Not only does he have a new system to teach to his team, but he also needs to get them to stay focused for 60 minutes.

During parts of the game against Northwestern, Nebraska looked like the dominant Huskers of years past. During other parts of the game, the Huskers looked every bit the part of a team that is 0-6.

Unfortunately for the Nebraska faithful, the game ended a few minutes too late for them to hold onto a 10 point lead with three minutes left on the clock.  

By the time overtime got going, the offense was sputtering, and Nebraska lost after a Northwestern field goal.

A little advice for Frost: Start focusing on YOUR team and quit complaining about others. If you are 6-0 and saying those things, it sounds like you are protecting your program. When you have yet to win a game, however, it sounds like whining and excuse making.

 Your teams needs all the help it can get in taking responsibility for their play. If you keep giving them opportunities to blame others, it's a much easier path to follow and will not help them become a winning team.

By now, Frost must know that this will not be a winning team. At this point, the Huskers may not win more than one game. Frost needs to use the latter half of this season to teach the Huskers the value of hard work, focus, and personal responsibility.

If they continue to accuse others and try to blame everyone but themselves, the difficulties of this season might very well spread into 2019.

Frost needs to look at the values he is trying to promote. And most importantly, remember that the test of those values is NOT when things are good, but when things are bad. If Nebraska abandons their values during tough times, it only shows they were never values to begin with and merely public relations advertising.


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