Saturday, October 20, 2018

What the Hell is Wrong with Mike MacIntyre and Darrin Chiaverini?

What the hell is wrong with head coach Mike MacIntyre and offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini? Maybe the defensive coordinator should smack them each upside the head! Another good defensive effort was wasted by Colorado's bizarrely conservative play-calling.

Without Laviska Shenault, Colorado was forced to spread the ball around with forward passes. It worked until Colorado got a lead and then went into total conservative shutdown mode. They stayed in that mode even AFTER Washington got the lead. 

How many times can the Buffs run up the middle for no gain or a loss before they change what they are doing? 

They even went as far as letting the running back run from the wildcat for no gain not once but twice, including on fourth down. What happened you may ask?

They gave the ball to Washington at midfield and let them march down the field to extend their lead. It could have been worse if not for an offensive pass interference penalty on Washington at the 2 yard line.

The defense has to be getting pissed off at the offensive coaches by now. Can the offense at least act like they are interested in scoring. Or will Mac II and Chiv see if they can run out the clock even though Colorado is behind. We'll see.

17-13 Washington, with 3 minutes left in Third Quarter.

Alright, down by 11 with less than four minutes to go. Will the Buffs try going down the field? Or will they be happy with their moral victory of losing again but being closer than everyone thought they'd be?

Will it even matter? By now, it's way too little and way too late. 

Interception by Washington. If they score again it will be the 18 point loss that everyone predicted. 

Buffs get lucky and Washington settles for a field goal. Washington 27-13. Two minutes left.

 Offense line now shows they don't care. This game is over for real, even though it was effectively over when the offensive coaches stopped trying to score. 

What a pathetic game from the offensive coaches. The players deserve better.

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