Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hey Sam Metivier: Jim Leavitt SHOULD ABSOLUTELY Be the Next Head Coach at Colorado

Jim Leavitt SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be the next head coach of the University of Colorado football team.

  • The guy loves Boulder and has coached here before. 
  • His family loves Boulder.
  • The players on the team LOVE the guy. 
  • He is one of the very best defensive minds in all of college football.
  • He's been a finalist for the Broyles Award for the top assistant in college football.
  • He's a winner and has been a head coach before. 
  • He wants to be a head coach again.
  • He was the primary reason Colorado won 10 games in 2016.
  • He would make the Buffs a winning team in year one. 
  • To piss off Boulder's Snowflakes, who care nothing about football anyway but are now determined that Leavitt not be the head coach.
  • To help Sam Metivier get over his emotional baggage that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jim Leavitt.
Snowflakes are annoying, but not as annoying as Metivier. He writes for The Ralphie Report, so one would assume that he could write an article about Leavitt based in reality. 

In one of a series about possible coaches that Colorado might hire, Metivier starts it like this:
"We’re begrudgingly writing up Jim Leavitt because too many of you have clamored for him on Twitter and in the comments. Fine."
"Too many of you"? Really? It doesn't seem "fine" with you Sam. It seems like maybe you have some deep-seated issue that has been burning in your soul for a long time, certainly longer that you have been aware of who Jim Leavitt is.

You don't like Leavitt. We get it. But you are not being honest with yourself any more than you are being honest with your readers.

You like to tell the story, over and over, that Leavitt was fired from his last head coaching job at South Florida for "hitting a player" and then "lying about it"!

Wow. That sounds horrible! Right?

What about the rest of the story, Sam? You fail to mention that Leavitt vehemently denied the allegations and the school later had to PAY Leavitt $2.75 MILLION for wrongful termination.

Then, later in the story, you say that Leavitt "yells"! Oh my gosh, a football coach who yells! Who ever head of such a thing? Have you ever tried to talk to more than a hundred people spread around a football field without yelling?

Who yelled at you in the past that has you so angry Sam? It wasn't Jim Leavitt.

Fear not, Sam, the snowflakes in Boulder won't allow CU to hire him. They were offended by McCartney "praying" for crying out loud. How could they allow someone who has "allegations" against them to be the coach of the team they don't watch anyways?

The players love Jim Leavitt. That should tell you something. 

MacIntyre didn't like him because Leavitt was good at what he did, and that made MacIntyre look bad in his own mind. Never mind that Leavitt helped make Mac the coach of the year. Once Leavitt was gone, Mac went back to his old losing ways again.

Fortunately, Rick George knows Jim Leavitt a lot better than you do, Sam. Even so, he has to be aware of the flurry of snowflakes that reside here in Boulder.

Remember that Mike Leach was also accused of "mistreatment" by a player while he was coach at Texas Tech. Leach denied it. He got fired and spent several years doing TV work before being hired at woebegone Washington State. The WSU Cougars have won 36 games in the last four years. He's also a candidate for national coach of the year.

How great would it be if Colorado averaged nine wins a year? But only if it doesn't hurt your feelings.

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