Friday, November 23, 2018

MacIntyre is Gone: Time to Go All Out Against Cal

Despite protestations to the contrary, there is still one game that separates Colorado from yet another lost season. The regular season ending game against California is that game.

After six years of preaching the acceptance of mediocrity, Mike MacIntyre is no longer the coach of the University of Colorado football team. All most of us can express is profound thanks that AD Rick George finally saw the light.

In defense of George, he did not hire Mike MacIntyre. He was inherited with the job. And, truth be told, the state of the Colorado football program was not good when MacIntyre arrived.

Over the last several weeks of his tenure in Boulder, MacIntyre told us all that over and over. Instead of focusing on the Buffs ever growing losing streak, MacIntyre told us about how great he was.

He said that he "took over San Jose State when they were the worst team in Division 1 football" and turned them around. But did he? They haven't had a winning season since MacIntyre left. If he had turned the program around they should have been moving in the right direction. Maybe MacIntyre got lucky with QB transfer David Fales, who set all sorts of records at SJS before heading off to the NFL.

He said that Colorado was the "worst Power 5 team in the country" and that he had turned them around. Five last place finishes in the Pac-12 South in six years is not turning anything around. Like he did with Fales at SJS, MacIntyre got lucky with defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt that AD Rick George foisted upon him. 

But to Mac, everything good was due to his brilliant coaching. Everything bad, and there has been a lot of it in the last six years, was somebody else's fault. Always.

  • First coach ever to win national coach of the year and then have a losing record the next year. Not his fault.
  • Never beat a higher ranked team in 20 tries. Not his fault.
  • Went 0-9 the last two years in games in which Colorado would have qualified for a bowl game. Not his fault.
Now he's gone, and it is indeed his fault. Good riddance.

Despite the horrible efforts of MacIntyre, the Buffs can still qualify for a bowl game by beating California tomorrow.

Go Buffs! Lay it all on the line and bring home that 6th win.

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