Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mike MacIntyre's Colorado Buffaloes Edge Closer to Irrelevence... Again

Over the last two seasons, Mike MacIntyre's Colorado squad has now fallen to 0-7 in games in which they could have become bowl eligible. Add that 0-17 mark against ranked (or higher ranked) teams in the Mickey Mac era, and things do not look good going forward with Top 10 Washington State headed to town.

The last article pointed out that the Arizona game was probably the most important in MacIntyre's career. That being the case, the Buffaloes still found a way to lose to a 3-5 team.

It was not a surprise that they lost. What was very surprising was to be found around the Boulder campus, The Hill, and Downtown. For the first time on a game day all year, the number of folks in Colorado football gear were few and far between. No casual observer would ever have guessed the Buffs were playing a game that day.

It was very quick fall from what had become a very active and supportive student body. 5-0 and the students could not wear enough black and gold. Crash and burn at home after having a 28 point lead against one of the worst teams in a Power Five conference, and the students stopped caring.

It will be interesting to see how the game against Washington State turns out. The Cougars still have an outside chance to make the playoffs for the National Championship. The Buffaloes, on the other hand, are hoping and praying to end their goose egg in bowl eligibility games.

Which team will be more motivated?  The Cougars have a coach in Mike Leach with 15 winning seasons in 17 years. The Buffs have a coach with two winning seasons in eight years and is likely headed to another losing season this year.

Which team will have the loudest fans in the stadium? How many fans will bother to show up at all? How many students will go to the game? How many will even care that there is a game?

Tick. Tock. The timer is counting down on what was once a promising season. Does Colorado pull out a win and make it to the Cheez-It Bowl or do they settle for staying in last place yet again?

Does anybody care either way? 

"You are what your record says you are.” — Bill Parcells

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