Monday, November 19, 2018

Portrait of a Colorado Buffaloes Fan Who Became Fed Up

 Note: This was written as a comment on fellow Buff fan site
yesterday after I could no longer fathom the thought of Mike MacIntyre continuing as coach for the University of Colorado's Golden Buffaloes football team. 

Today, AD Rick George finally fired MacIntyre. Do not think my post had anything do to with the firing other than to help represent the thoughts of many CU BUFFS fans.

I've been a fan of CU Football since the 1980s when Bill McCartney turned the fortunes of Colorado football around. It's nothing personal against MacIntyre. All I want is a clean program and a winning program. If a coach cannot do both, he needs to move on. 

The onus is on AD Rick George now to find the right person for the job. I trust that he will do so. And I can go back to being an active supporter of the University of Colorado football program.


"I want to send my heartfelt thanks to Les Miles for giving hope to Colorado football fans for a couple days. After another lost season, it was exciting to be excited about something having to do with football again.

Alas, twas not to be however. Instead, the best coach available is going to a basketball school. And the University of Colorado will continue to be mired in the mediocrity of being neither a football school or a basketball school.

And, as Mickey Mac has preached for six years, we should be happy, excited, and satisfied that we might win six games.

I’ll pass, thanks. I hope for the players that they make a bowl game this year. But I won’t be spending any more of my time and money supporting the football program with MacIntyre as the head coach.

Thanks go out to Rick George for building a beautiful facility… But remember that the fans don’t get to enjoy those facilities.

We base our support on wins and losses. I don’t care at all about the fancy locker rooms and video games for the players unless it helps build a winning team.
It hasn’t. But CU doesn’t seem to care. Why then oh why should I?"

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