Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Mike MacIntyre Era in Boulder is Over... Or is It? Hint: It is

Late yesterday, Denver's ABC affiliate reporter Troy Renck (@TroyRenck) reported that the University of Colorado and head football coach Mike MacIntyre had agreed to part ways following the season. Renck's article cited "multiple sources" but none were (willing to be?) named. 

In journalistic jargon, "multiple" means anything more than one. Equally troubling is that the posting does not even attribute where the sources might be from. Are they from the office of the athletic director Rick George? Are they from the office of CU president Bruce Benson? Or are they from the next two guys on the bar stools to the right? Who knows?

Rick George issued an interesting statement earlier today in response to the story from Renck:
“We do not comment on speculation or unsubstantiated rumors with anonymous sources. Let me just say I have made no decisions regarding the future of the football program. ”
Some are calling the statement a refuting of the story, but that's not really what it says. The key words in the statement are "unsubstantiated" and "anonymous" if you want to be a stickler for word usage. George did NOT say that MacIntyre shall remain the head coach of the CU football team beyond this season.

The AD also did not say that he and MacIntyre had not talked and come to a conclusion as to the end of the MacIntyre era at Colorado. It very well may be that George and MM have indeed come to an agreement about how and when to end the CU-MacIntyre relationship in the near future. In other words, George did not say the ABC report was untrue.

If the report is true, George's statement that has "made no decisions regarding the future of the football program" is merely an indication that he has not yet decided upon the next coach. It will all unfold over the next couple weeks.

The university and George right now have another problem. The leak of this makes CU look bad in the eyes of current and prospective players. It also does not make them look good in the eyes of the public. Blah, blah, blah, right?

The report, premature as it may have been, energized the Colorado football fan base a great deal. Many longtime fans and donors have not been happy with the direction of the football program under MacIntyre. 

MM has been willing to take credit for bringing the Buffs out of the deep hole they were in when he arrived, but in fact, six years in he has only one winning season under his belt. 

Two more losses this year will put Colorado at the bottom of the Pac-12 South for the 5th time in six years. It's more than time for a change. 

Rick George is responsible for the future of athletics at the University of Colorado. He knows that. He knows how important the CU football program is to the university. He was there when Bill McCartney and Bill Marolt took CU to its greatest heights on a national scale. He will not let his alma mater down.

By the same token, this will be the first major hire that George has made. He wants to make sure it is a good one. One that will cement his legacy. It's the reason that he has "made no decisons" about the future of the Colorado football program.

But that decision is indeed coming, for the better of the University of Colorado.


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