Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mel Tucker Working on Finalizing Staff and Re-Building Recruiting Class

It's a tough and busy time in the college football world in general, and particularly hectic for new head coaches taking over programs. Those continuing on in a position are scrambling to put and keep together their recruiting classes. Many of those are also running bowl game practices.

Those who are changing schools, like new Colorado Head Coach Mel Tucker, also have to review the existing coaches at their new schools to determine who, if any, they want to retain. At the same time, those in Tucker's position also have to be searching for coaches to fill out the rest of their coaching staffs.

Mel Tucker knew coming in that it would be a time of burning the midnight oil. Fortunately, he has the strength and will to face the task ahead. And he also knew he had to be quick about it in order to solidify the recruiting class that can start signing early Letters of Intent from December 19th to the 21st. The regular dates for Letters of Intent still runs from Feb. 6th to April 1st.

After reviewing the 2018 staff, Tucker has opted to keep four of the coaches: 
  • Darrin Chiaverini (Recruiting Coordinator and Wide Receivers)
  • Darian Hagan (Running Backs)
  • Kwahn Drake (Defensive Line)
  • Ross Els (Linebackers)
Tucker's first hire from outside Colorado is Jay Johnson, who will be offensive coordinator. Johnson worked with Tucker at Georgia.

Since Denver 7 first reported that Mike MacIntyre would be fired the week before he was finally let go on November 18, six of the his recruits have de-committed from the University of Colorado. That leaves the current class with 14 commitments.

While some are fretting about the loss of players committed to Colorado, the reality is that the new staff is strongly reviewing the players recruited under MacIntyre. It's quite possible the last two to de-commit were suggested to do so at the urging of the new staff. It's better for the player to announce he is re-opening his recruitment than to announce that the scholarship offer has been rescinded.

Tucker and Colorado are still running at only about half-staff, so the amount of time they will be on the road will be intense through both signing periods. Tucker, meanwhile, will combine his recruiting travels with filling out the rest of his staff to help out. 


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