Friday, September 6, 2019

Boulder, Colorado Has Already Beaten Nebraska in the Game of Life

Excitement is a mile high on the Boulder campus for the first home game of a new season. That the first game at Folsom Field is against ex-rival Nebraska makes the excitement all the more palpable. Unfortunately, quite a bit of that enthusiasm in both Boulder and Lincoln is based on unreasonable expectations and outlandish prognostications.

National pundits have made talking about college football a 365 days a year a business… a big business. Unfortunately, they usually don't know what they are talking about. 

They talk about how good Clemson and Alabama are in a self-important reverence as if they were disclosing something they alone attuned from months of high level calculations. Poppycock! Even casual fans know that Clemson and Alabama are likely to end up in the college football playoffs.

When they get past the Top 10, they are mostly just running on history. They aren't (and can't) dig deep on more than 100 teams. They can't even do that with just the Power Five conference teams. So they just blather.

Collectively, the national pundits have determined that Colorado will finish the season at 4-8 or 5-7. Why? Well, they've finished 5-7 the last two seasons, so it's as a good a guess as they can come up with.

But sometimes gut feeling$ overtake $ensibilitie$ even for pundit$. Nebraska has finished 4-8 the last two years. The Huskers lost at home to Colorado last year, yet this year they enter the season ranked #24 in the country.

Why the $ $igns? Punditry is big busine$$. All those hits on the old web site mean $$$. And if you want to get tens of thousands of hits, tell the Nebraska faithful that their team is a Top 25 team. They eat that sh!t up like creamed corn.

In Colorado, lots of us love our Buffs... but Colorado's heart belongs to the Denver Broncos. That's not going to ever change. And besides the Broncos and the NFL, there's Major League Baseball, NBA basketball, and NHL Hockey. The Rocky Mountains provide world class skiing, snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing

In Nebraska, all there is to care about is Nebraska football and endless miles of genetically modified corn. Every time the Huskers play a home game, Memorial Stadium would be the 3rd largest city in the state. Really.

So, if Colorado loses a football game, the entire state doesn't go into mourning. In fact, many in Colorado don't care one way or another about college football, or the University of Colorado in particular. Colorado is a vibrant, fast growing state, that draws businesses and people from all over the globe with no ties to CU. Does anybody actually move TO Nebraska? Willingly? Not likely.

No matter the score of the game, those in Boulder have already won in the bigger game of life. Boulder has the healthiest and most well-educated population in the country. The University of Colorado is widely considered one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and is located in one of the most scenic towns in the USA.

And the University of Colorado has the most awesome mascot in all of sports, a live buffalo named Ralphie!

As the old chant goes, “We don't live in Lincoln!”

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