Thursday, September 12, 2019

Buffs Beware: A Dangerous Air Force Team Comes to Boulder

The Air Force Falcons make their way to Folsom Field from Colorado Springs this Saturday. Head coach Mel Tucker and the Colorado coaches have tried to explain just how dangerous a game this truly is for Colorado to their players. Hopefully, they listened.

Casual fans look at the fact that Air Force won only five games last year and that the Falcons play in the Mountain West and think that the game will be a blowout for Colorado. They better think again.

Air Force may have lost seven games each of the last two years, but so did Colorado. Also, a closer look at last year shows that Air Force lost all seven of those games while being within 10 points. In four of the games, the Falcons were within 4 points at the final whistle.

That means that Air Force is typically in one score games, and that's dangerous for an opponent. One missed tackle or blown coverage, and the Falcons could be able to pull a victory out of the jaws of defeat.

Colorado needs to be dedicated and have their heads in the game. After two big victories over rivals Colorado State and the Nebraska CornWhiners, it would be easy for the Buffs players to have a letdown. It's up to the team leaders and the coaches to make sure that doesn't happen. 

The cadets may not be as big and fast or strong as the Colorado team, but they are incredibly disciplined. And the Falcons play a running game designed on multiple sets designed to eat up clock and keep them in games. 

The Buffs better be ready. 

Go Buffs!

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