Sunday, September 8, 2019

Mel Tucker Has Already Achieved What Mickey Mac Never Could

Just two games into his tenure as Colorado Buffaloes head coach, Mel Tucker has accomplished something his predecessor never could. His Buffs defeated a nationally ranked team. His record against teams listed on the AP Top 25 is now 1-0.

Compare that if you will with Mike MacIntyre. In six years,  Mickey Mac the Carpetbagger had the distinction of being 0-19 against teams that were either higher ranked than Colorado or ranked at all when the Buffs were not. He also had the horrible record of going 0-10 in his last two seasons in games the Buffs could have become bowl eligible.

Another difference between the coaches is that Mel Tucker stays calm on the sidelines, while Mickey would flip out whenever things went south. That happened a lot in Mickey Time.

Colorado finally has the right man leading their program. Thanks to the football gods for Mel Tucker.

Photo credits to the University of Colorado (Tucker) and the Associated Press (MacIntyre)

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