Monday, October 21, 2019

Colorado's Mel Tucker Has A Problem at Offensive Coordinator in Jay Johnson

The problem facing Colorado's offense is two deep. Or maybe it is too deep. Either way, things do not look good for the Buffaloes offensive prowess the rest of the way this season.

It's not the two deep at the QB position. It's the one deep at QB and the one deep at QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator. Jay Johnson is the man to blame here.

Head coach Mel Tucker keeps saying (and saying and saying and saying) that the coaches need to get Steven Montez "right" and then everything will be better.

The problem there is that the man charged with that is Jay Johnson, and he's the one that's not right. How can we expect anything more out of Montez? Johnson is the guy in charge of the offense and the QB.

Johnson's job is to mentor his QB's and design an offense to help the Buffs win. He's doing a bad job lately. Montez has a long history of throwing lazy passes off his back foot, yet Johnson keeps calling plays that feed right into that tendency.

The head coach has stated repeatedly that he wants to run the ball with authority. Against Washington State, number one tailback Alex Fontenot averaged 9.5 yards per carry. Johnson called his number only 11 times. That's a disgrace for the offensive coordinator.

Colorado had drive after drive ended by Johnson turning his back on running plays that were working just fine (thank you) so that his guy (the QB) could keep trying to throw passes that were not working.

In less than four quarters of play during the Oregon and Washington State games, Johnson's guy Montez threw SIX interceptions off of Johnson's play calls.

This has been said over and over again this year to Mel Tucker, "The ball is in YOUR court!" Johnson is obviously not spending enough personal time with his quarterbacks. Their heads aren't right and their mechanics are not right. That ALL falls on the QB coach.

Most of the really good teams at Colorado in the last 35 years had a couple things in common. They focused on running the ball... and they DID NOT have QB coaches or WR coaches as offensive coordinators. The best coordinators at CU in those years were guys who were offensive line coaches.

If you want to win at Colorado, you need to run and control the line of scrimmage. Nobody knows what's going on in the trenches better than the offensive line coach.

Maybe it's time... No, scratch that. IT IS time that Mel Tucker asks Jay Johnson to focus on the QB's and let someone else call the plays so Johnson can be with the QB's there on the sideline.

Interception after interception, there is Montez getting on the phone to talk with Johnson up in the booth. Obviously the phone contact is not working. Johnson needs to be on the field with his guys to both motivate and calm them down when they've made a mistake. 

So many of the mistakes could have been so easily avoided if Johnson was doing a better job calling plays. He has set up Montez to fail again and again. Things need to change.

Mel Tucker said after he was hired that you can't hire friends. You have to hire the best guys for the job and hold them accountable. It's time for Jay Johnson to be held accountable.

Johnson's first priority is to Colorado winning. Period. His second priority is to making CU's offense as good as possible. His third priority is to his position players. He's failing all across the board.

The clock is ticking. We are not going to blame the players. It's the guys making the money who get the blame. It's part of the paycheck. 

The USC Trojans will be here Friday. Colorado has NEVER beaten them. Tick, tick, tick...

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